My skirtuality preference

As Spring has arrived, thank God this Winter almost did me in, I'm feeling a little concupiscent. I was thinking I wanted to wear a skirt get a little male attention. But, alas it is too cold in the office still to don the femine. If anyone knows me they probably think an imposter is posting for me, because I don't wear skirts and dresses unless it's a wedding type event. However, I thought it might be fun to go about town in a skirt and fitting top and look attractive and girly. Hoping some boys might comment on my ability to "clean up" or get a smile or two from a stranger. But let's get one thing I don't like skirts. I don't like the way I can't sit with my legs apart, I don't like how many styles are confining, and...well...they are simply uncomfortable. I will never pretend that I am a fan of skirts. I am jeans girl all the way.

Why do I bring this up? Well, I feel that many of today's female bisexuals aren't really bisexuals. I think they like to say they are also into women and to make out with a woman in public on occassion. But really they are straight. These women don't have relationships with other women but they do with men. It is my theory that they put on this facade of bisexuality to garner male attention. Which is completely fine. Get down with women in front of your man, or any number of men you're dying to bed. But are you aroused by touching the women--sure maybe a littel touching is touching? Or do you love the way the men are looking at you and wanting you? I'm going with the latter. Just say, I like making out with girls because I like that it turns on men.

And no, I'm not saying that bisexuality doesn't exist. It does. Just as there are women who enjoy wearing both dresses and slacks, there are women who get all mushy over both sexes. So let's not belittle there preference with our mendacity. Just because you talk about women's breasts doesn't mean you're actually into women or their breasts. Just as I am not into skirts, but for some action I'll put one on.