Freedom Oozies

Please fogive me for what I am about to write. Not for the ideas but for the hurried way I am about to write it. I'm sure it'll be full of typos and fragmented sentences. I don't even know if it's supposed to be funny. Not all these post are funny people. You know I used to write poetry, so I can be as serious, angsty, and pain filled as the next gen-Xer or blogger, or american or whoever is full of pain and likes to pretentiously and self involvedly expresses it. OK enough excuses.
The weather in NYC today is fabulous. I went to Central Park for my lunch break. (that's right around 1pm on a lovely day you can find in the Park for all of you who want a piece of the kid.--not only self involved but egocentric and thoughts of grandeur and another interruptive statement interrupting the interruption, glorious.) As I enjoyed the jovially spring in my step as I walked down 5th avenue back to my office I passed one of Trump's buildings. Outside of this building were three cops armed with machine guns and clad in full protective gear. You know outerbullet proof vests and helmets. I thought, "Yeah, this an accident waiting to happen." I can just see a tourist accidently getting bumped into one of these guys and 5o people are wounded.

I'm supposed to feel safe and protected? Or are they just stationed there as a reminder that we are under attack from an invisible enemy? I should then buy more things to elliviate my trepidation and feeling of unrest.

I probably have got it all wrong. I bet you May is pretend we're occupied France in the 1940s Month. I'm just so bad at keeping up with all the special themes for the months we have now.
When asked if I ever wanted to get involved in politics I responded, "Yeah, I used to. But I didnt' want to run for political office. I kind of wanted to be a revolutionary. The comedy pursuit has kind of gotten in the way."