My family is ridiculous. My pregnant cousin had a gender revealing party a couple of weeks ago. No, not to reveal her gender, we're pretty sure she's a girl as she is pregnant. Instead it was a party to reveal her unborn baby's gender. We all had to attend dressed in either blue or pink depending on what you thought the baby would be. I dressed in purple thinking it could be a hermaphrodite-- I'm thinking 3-1 odds aren't bad. Yeah, I'm that relative.

But the best or worst part of the party. They had a big sheet cake for dessert. The frosting was a a picture of the fetus. This is absolutely true. I don't have the imaginative skills to make this up. The little kids were like, "I want a piece of umbilicul chord!" "No, I want a piece of umbillical chord!" I let them have it, we all know the amino sack is where it's at. I hope this trend doesn't continue. At Grandma's funeral are we going to have a picture of the corpse on the cake. the kids all fighting, "I want a with grandma's blue hair!" "Fine, I want a piece of grandma's nipple!" (Ok that second part about the kids was a joke, but the sheet cake existed. and people ate it.)


Anonymous said…
In my country, we oftentimes call an event such as this a "baby shower." With all the celebrities popping out babies, I guess it's not as cool to just have a child, we need to celebrate ever ounce of the miracle experience.

I think next time I have sex I'm going to hold a "pre-conception" party.