Jersey's Sacking of Kansas

I once drove through Kansas. While driving from New Mexico to Dodge, KS I was pulled over three times. Why? Because I had New Jersey liscence plates on my car. I don't know why the Kansas police fear people from New Jersey. ("The Sopranos" is just a show, it is not real.) New Jersey never invaded Kansas. There was no trade embargo placed. I don't recall reading about the time when New Jersey's Miltia came riding in on horse back raping and pillaging. But then again my public school system taught evolution and not creationism, perhaps certain history lessons were omitted from my text books. If that is the case on behalf of the Garden State (the 3rd state of the union) I sincerely, apologize for any emotional or physical damage we caused.

Meanwhile, I took a trip to Japan last month. (See photos posted below) This is a country that suffered a nuclear attack from my country. Don't get me wrong those yellow devils completely deserved two atomic bombs dropped on their civilian targets. We all know how much civillians have to do with the policy of Nations. Despite this history the Japanese people could not have been nicer to me. 97% of the people I encounter were helpful and polite. But maybe that's because they didn't know I was from NJ.