Jack's Girlfriend

I have noticed that many a blog has been dedicated to people's relationships and/or former relationships. I don't know that I'm ready to dedicate this site completely to my relationship with Jack Kundera, the best boyfriend ever!!! (yes even better than George Glass), but I think letting you all in on the major events of Jack and my relationship would help other young couples struggling with commitment. And single people who no longer believe in romantic love.

To begin: Jack and I began dating in the summer of 1998 when he was still living in Pittsburgh working as a scout for the Steelers. However, we did not meet in Pennsylvania we met at the Jersey Shore during a Fourth of July rock and roll show. It was very Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello—replacing 1950s innocence and California glamour with indie-alt rock, women who wear gold jewelry to the beach, and the men who breed with them. I marked my beach territory with Queen sized comforter. I created an oasis of fabric in the middle of Ortley Beach. The concert began. A lanky, blue-eyed brunette came up to me and asked if he and his cousin could share my blanket. A sucker for blue-eyed brunettes I said, “Yes” as I tried batting my eyes in flirtation. Jack said, “Did you get some sand in you eyes? That’s the worst. Sand is so abrasive.” Even though he mistook my flirtation with a near blinding I thought he was the sweetest man I ever shared a beach blanket with.

From then on we were inseparable, or would have been if we lived anywhere near each other. W spent 1998 and 1999 taking turns visiting each other--me traveling to Pittsburgh and he coming up to Boston where I was finishing my degree at Emerson. I think it was my love for Jack that gave him the confidence to say good-bye to football and the Steelers and to leave the country and pursue a more fulfilling career in humanitarian work. His work has taken him all over the globe helping people in 3rd and 4th world countries. He’s amazing at his job. He led the peace negotiations between the people who have corn and the people who don’t have corn. He’s so brave. I am so proud of him. I could never do what he does. He says, he could never do what I do.
I said, "What? Typing e-mails to my friends all day. Of course not, I barely know your friends let alone their addresses.”
“ No, silly the stand-up and the writing." God, are we nauseating?

In the last several years we haven't seen as much of each other, but I have never doubted that we will be together in the long run. When I hear his voice on the phone or get an e-mail from him my solar plexus electrifies. He is the best part of me.

He has just given me the greatest news. He is finally coming back to the US with plans to move to Brooklyn, possibly as soon as this summer. No, we won't move in together right away. Of course he’ll stay with me until he finds a place of his own, but we aren’t ready to create a home together. He has to figure out what kind of work he’s going to pursue in the states. And I have to get myself a career.

What I do know is that just going to be marvelous.