Yesterday, I foolishly kept my hair appointment at a French named salon on 55th street in Manhattan. I chose this place because they were reasonably priced and give HarperCollins employees 20% discount. The French name was misleading as no one working there spoke French. The language of choice was Spanish, except for Anna, the woman who did my hair, she spoke Korean and a few words in English.

A word of advice if you are 1/2 Jewish 1/2 Italian or any other ethnicity that carries the genetic code for curly hair, non-english speaking Korean hair dresser probably not your best option for a hair cut. I feel that the Koreans may lack empathy for the plight of the curly haired, and if you're a newly arrived immigrant from a land of poker straight perhaps you don't have alot of experience with my people.

Is what happened to my hair Anna's fault? No. There was a moment before anything was applied to my head that I thought of fleeing the salon. Anna, was about to apply highlights to my head, which I had asked for, however, she had not consulted me on the color of said highlights. My mind said, "RUN RUN RUN. Get up from this seat and goooooo." My body did not move.

The haircut and color took nearly 2 hours. During which there was a lot of me asking her to do certain things like not cut three inches off, and make the highlights red. These requests were followed by alot of nodding on her part.

So my hair is too short and a plethora of colors. Anna, thinks I look beautiful. I think that my theory that no one will care or notice my appearance at my cousin's wedding this weekend (because it's her day why should they) is now no longer true. At least it's open bar.


Sk8RN said…
Oh no! That sounds terrible. I learned my lesson when a curly-haired friend asked me to cut her hair. I combed it all out straight and cut several inches off the bottom to "even it out." She was so mad afterwards! Yes, one must definitely know how to cut curly hair. And no doubt about not asking what color highlights you want. Very humorous ending to this posting. I'm not surprised to hear you're a comedian.