Rational Emotional

Let's see how this goes. Before I left for the big week long tour. I had a chat with my best friend Anna. Back in the day we both agreed that stalkers who killed the object of their affection or killed the object's romantic partner or interest were foolish. If you kill you're object then they can't date you because they are dead. Further, if you kill the romantic partner of your object and get caught well, it's hard to court from jail. And, I doubt that your object is going to want to date a murderer. Anna and I were, and I still am, big proponets of non-threatening stalking. A little run-in here at a bar, a little google search there. Maybe a trip to the New Orleans Jazzfest. But you never go on their property and you don't kill them.

That's all changed for Anna. She told me the other night how she now understands why you might want to kill the object of your affection. She said, "Rachael, if he were dead I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. If he were dead the possiblity of dating him would cease to exist, and I could move-on. Same goes for the chick he may or may not be dating. If she were gone then he definitely wouldn't be dating her. Simple. My mind would be at ease and I could put more mental effort into song writing."

"I guess," I said. "Hey, Anna do you want to date me?"
"No. Why?"
"That's cool. No reason."