Armpit of America

We all know that New Jersey is a wasteland of toxic waste. It's just one long highway filled with Camaros and exits leading to homogenous suburbs. I took a trip there Monday and documented the horror that is the united state, New Jersey.

Now you can't see the ducks in this picture very well, but trust me each one of them is wearing a leather jacket and has the feathers on their heads teased 8 inches high.

Look at this congestion. Hello! I'm trying to take a picture and there is all this decay in my way.

Can New Jersey clean up it's factories? It's disgusting. People have to live in this town. I'm thinking of doing a benefit show for the residence of Long Valley, NJ.

New Jersey: Nothing but strip malls and chain resturuants.


I'd like to thank blogger making this post ridiculously inconvenient to post.


That seems like a very nice journey you went on. I want to go to NJ now, lol.
Anonymous said…
Wow, look at how nice and green all the foliage is.

NJ's going to be beautiful when the colors turn.
rachael said…
I hope you are out loud laughing is giddiness in anticipation of your journey to the garden state.


That is correct that last week was not peak foliage season in NJ. The farther north one travels, say to New England, the sooner foilage peaks, say like last week.

Though, I don't even know if this was what you were getting at.

You can travel down to Maryland in early November for mid-autumn foilage.

Again don't know that it's relevant.
Anonymous said…
Really? I live in New England, and we're just starting to get our foliage.
rachael said…

Really? You're living in New England? Then how are you reading my blog from New York City?

Perhaps there is a semantics disagreement.

As we see in the picture taken of Long Valley, NJ last monday there are a number of trees that have changed color. However, there are still many trees that were still green. To me that's "just starting to get foliage." However, if you mean that in New England the majority of trees have turned as just starting then we can both be correct. But don't tell met that the picture of Long Valley, NJ is representative or what Berkshires' or New Hampshires' foliage looks like today.
Anonymous said…
Wow, that's a real roundabout wya of admitting you were wrong.