I'm a Songstriss

Below is a song I penned a few years ago when I was living in the Pacific Northwest. Not all songs have to be funny. And not all songs have to be sad. Some songs just are. This song is like a mountain. Not a very big mountain like Everst. My song won't change your life or inspire awe. But like a small to mid-sized mountain my song is there and it's not going to hurt you none, unless of course it falls on your head.

Tocqueville don't go away
I don't think you're insane
Never read a book you wrote
but i've read other books of note

I'm not a communist
But I used to think I was an anarchist
Don't think that anymore
'Cause I don't like sit-ins on dirty floors

la da la day la de da bombay

Hey Dear, don't go away
I'm no longer insane
Don't know that I ever was
Used to say it just 'cuz

And I hope that you will remain
That would make me happy again
Because I'm...
The One
Who's leaving

And I'm the one who's leaving.