Ouch, Mom. & My New Tax Plan

The other day I was discussing a socially peripheral individual with my mother. I described him as self-centered, selfish, uncompromising, and unable to empathize. My mother asked, "His he an only child?"
"Mom, I'm an only child!"

I just got around to filing my taxes. Turns out I owe New York State money. I always only mark "1" on my W-2s. I live below the poverty line. How the hell can I owe taxes. My father said, "Someone has to pay for the war." God Damn it! I didn't vote for this war. I think only the people who voted for politicians who voted for this stupid war should have to pay for it. I also expect the people who didn't vote at all to shell out some cash--those folks need to pay for the apathy.

That would get Americans to turn out and vote. It would get them to vote for 3rd party canidates, as well. All of sudden the inablity to actually win looks real good. A vote for the Libertarians good save you hundreds of dollars. Ralph Nader is no longer the enemy of registered Democrats.