The Movies These Days

I saw the coming attraction for "Santa Clause III" last night. According to the trailer Jack Frost wants to destroy Santa. Is this film a propaganda to brainwash children into embracing global warming? Nothing is more anti-Christmas than global warming. Santa needs Jack Frost to keep Santa's property from melting. The whole Santa operation would be shut down if Jack Frost and the people he works with stopped being. Santa and Jack Frost are on the same team.

Perhaps the producers of "Santa Clause III" can retool their movie. Change the Jack Frost Santa relationship from nemisis to golfing buddies and then create a new antagonist, The South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet is anti-cookies and anti-cookie is anti-Santa. Plus, South Beach is warm and the real-estate down there is through the roof. Santa would loose his shirt moving the elves and reigndeer down there. Granted the Florida tax code is pretty sweet, but I'm sure Santa is registered as a non-profit corporation.


Reel Fanatic said…
Very funny stuff ... a sadder way at looking at the "Santa Clause" phenomenon is that, once this one's finished, it will probably end up easily in the top-ten grossing trilogies of all time