I'm a Shooting Star

I know that I am on my way to becoming a great artist. How? Well, not only have a come up with a great joke about wanting men I hope other women find repulsive, but I'm also on the verge of moving back in with my parents, just like Jack Keurac and Telly Savalas before me. I was hoping my move in date would coincide with my 30th birthday. Unfortunately, I might have to move in two months prior to my July birthday. Oh well, I guess that means additional months of home cooked meals and satellite TV.

What's most exciting is that I beat Telly Savalas' moving back in with his mom by five years. I'm five years ahead of schedule of Kojak. It's scary how talented I am. Further, I'm at least a decade ahead of Jack Keruac. Keruac lived with his mother in Lowell, MA when Jack was in his forties. I beat one of America's most innovative novelists (to be published) by over 10 years. That's crazy. I'm scared by my lightning speed success. My artist pyche is fragile. This is alot to take in all at once. I don't know if I can handle the pressure. Whoever said success has its own bag of problems was right. Sure, I won't have rent to pay, but I'm on my way to becomeing a living legend. I'm freaked out by my responsiblity to all of the children who will look up to me.

Who knows what's next on the horizon. It's all happening so fast. First, I hated working. Then my hatred manifested itself in an ability to hold down a job for more than 6 months. Now, I'm moving in with my parents. As a child I could never have dreamed of such success so early in my adult life. Who knows? Perhaps, I'll shoot myself in the head two decades before Hemingway. Could you imagine?