"Jesus Will Be Here All Week. Enjoy the Veal"

I found Jesus. He's on the Internet. Ironically, it was a Jew who led me to the holy waters lying in a puddle in the middle of the Internet superhighway. My friend Charles' Star referenced a video on Godtube.com in his act Monday night, so I went home to check it out. I remembered seeing a link to this Godtube on the comedy website, theapiary.org. The link led me to a fellow comedian's blog who had linked a video from Godtube.com that was an instructional video for Jesus loving clowns, who visit nursing homes to cheer up the elderly. No, I'm not making that up. And yes, I laughed very hard. I thought this has to be heathens poking fun at Christians. Then I went to the site itself. I clicked around and watched a few things. And now, I don't know. Is it comedians? Or is it actual Christians? I feel I've lost my faith in satire. If Godtube is in earnest then satire can longer exist. There is no satirist that can be more outlandish than the actual Godtube. I watched a video of man interviewing people on a plane that was in flight. He had a camera and a microphone. He sat next to passenger (a late teen early 20 something girl with a punk rock hair-do) and asked her if she had broken any of the Ten Commandments. She admitted to having lied and stolen a toy from her sister when she was a child. The interviewer then informed the young lady that if the plane were to crash right then and there they would both being spending eternity in hell.

No, Jonathan Swift could not best that. Mel Brooks (in his heyday), The Zucker Brothers, The Wayans Brothers could not think up something more outrageous to parody this shit.

Do you see, people. If Godtube isn't a farce, if Godtube is real that means the fundamentalist Christians have started a war on comedy. Their aim is apparent. To worship Jesus as ridiculously as possible so that there can be no punchlines. Meaning Christians, or at least Godtube Christians, work for Satan. It’s like some Internet version of Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose.