$120,000 in Debt. Fabulous.

I went to an Emerson Alumni event yesterday. Emerson is somewhat of an art school. The college only offers majors in Performing Arts and Communications (Film, TV, Radio, Audio Production, Speech Therapy etc). The funny thing about going to an Emerson Alumni function is that people are embarrassed of their “good jobs” at financial institutions, law firms, or government offices. These alumni who made sound life decisions feel awful about it. They make excuses for why they don’t act anymore like, “I had this crazy accident with a bong. It screwed up my voice box. I couldn’t speak. It’s hard to act when you can’t recite lines.”
“But, you’re voice has returned. That’s good. You’ve got your health.”
“Oh yeah, sure, but by the time I could speak again I had already made partner at the firm.”
“You were a mute lawyer?”
“Umm. I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

I imagine if you went to a Harvard alumni function you’d have people embarrassed and ashamed of being a temp or a waitress or a nanny, but for Emerson grads those jobs mean you are still wonderfully deluded about achieving your pipe dream. For some reason we take great pride in our delusions.


Anonymous said…
Off Topic:

Recently laid off, so have lots of down time. I know you have specific views about a one Mr. Greg Behrent, but I hope you reconsider.

Just today he gave people "Greg-overs" for people who are a 4 on the hot scale and didn't have the means for a make over themselves. Obviously, the man cares.

Besides, do you think people should go to Tyra for help? Let's be serious.
rachael said…
dear anonymously unemployed,

1) If you were just laid off why are you up this early? Go back to sleep. Please, for me. Let me sleep vicariously through, you.

2) If Greg paid for those make-overs does that mean that he's really "very into those women?" I mean, my father loves me but he wouldn't go so far as to buy me a complete make over.

3) I choose Tyra Banks over Greg and Oprah any day.