Another Quitting Story

Many years ago in a far off land in the Pacific Northwest I had a temp job. It was my first job in the city of Roses and like all jobs I hated it. My supervisor was a passive aggressive bitch and I wanted out. However, I was scared to quit the job. I didn't know if I'd find another one. If I didn't have a job how was I going to pay my rent? I debated with myself everyday about quitting. I asked friends for advice on the situation, most people suggested finding another job first. I started looking for a new job, and realized that this could take months; I didn’t know if I could stay at the present job that long. With every passing day my attitude grew more unpleasant. Then, finally...I was brought into my supervisor's office and she fired me. Though, my ego was a little bruised I was very ecstatic. I smiled a big smile and said, "Oh. OK. Cool." My supervisor looked bewildered and slightly disappointed because I wasn't crying. "

I skipped out the door and instant messaged my friend Jesse. "Dude, I've just been fired from job. My first firing."

He typed back, "That's awesome. They quit you. Now, you don't have to quit!"

I had been quit and it was awesome. I was free.


Djamine said…
I'm currently working as a temporary employee; there isn't a day that passes that I hope that they'll fire me. If that happens, then I'll be forced to live on my savings--something that I can't bring myself to do on my own.

I'm glad that there's someone else who felt the same way.