Catch Me Friday 6/1

For those of you in and about the New Jersey area and want to watch some live comedy I’ll be participating in a comedy competition in Bloomfield, NJ this Friday. I don’t really agree with comedy competitions. Art is mostly subjective (so if everyone remembers their act and can be seen and heard it’s hard to objectively say who won.). You don’t see painters competing against each other. Who is better Monet or Munch? “Uh, Rachael one is an Impressionist the other and Expressionist you really can’t have them compete with each other."
"Alright then. How about Rich Little and Monet they're both impressionists?"
"That's a shitty joke and if you said that at a comedy competition I'd place you dead last."
"I thought it was kind of smart because you have to know about the varying meanings of 'impression.'"
"Smart isn't funny. Steven Hawkings isn't known for his wit."
"Oh, shut up, voice in my head."
"I was just agreeing with you that you can't have Monet and Munch compete against each other. It would be like having a sprinter and marathon-runner compete they do different things."
"Actually you can't have them compete because they're not athletes."
"Exactly, why are you doing this show?"

I'm doing the show because I want to tell my jokes on stage in front of an audience. Don’t worry I won’t be trying to win. Instead of doing my tightest most jokiest five minutes I'm going to tell a 7 minute story in my 5 minute set about how I continually refused to give a specific dude a blow job one Spring evening.

I don't think you want to miss that.

12 Miles West Theatre
562 Bloomfield AvenueBloomfield, NJ 07003