Three Day Weekend Spending

Recently, I learned that Memorial Day was started to honor the soldiers who died in the United States of America's Civil War. This means 620,000 American soldiers had to die so we could have one Monday off a year. Relative another national holiday like 4th of July, where U.S. only spent 25,000 soldiers to extricate itself from British rule, to Memorial Day seems expensive. However, upon further examination we see that the 4th of July falls on a different day of the week each year. Therefore, we are not guaranteed a three day weekend, and sometimes we don't get any additional days off because the holiday can fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Two days most of us get off from work anyway. It seems the extra 550,000 soldiers' lives did indeed pay for something. Further, when you look at the cost of Veterans Day you realize maybe Memorial Day is a steal. Veteran's Day falls on a Tuesday each year. Meaning we don't ever get a three day weekend from this holiday. Moreover, many companies don't give their employees the day off on Veterans Day. This is some natural fertilizer! I mean, what kind of freedom were these veterans fighting for? Their struggle and suffering should amount to at least the freedom of not working one day a year. The craziest thing about Veterans Day is that each year we incur more and more veterans, and all we really get for this yearly payment of human sacrifice is a parade in November. Who wants to walk in a parade in 35 F weather? Worse yet who want to stand watching a parade in November? Not to mention, Thanksgiving already has a parade in November that includes Santa Clause. Veterans can’t compete with Santa Clause. The very least we could do, as a nation, is give our soldiers a mythical gift giving mascot. So when you do some comparative shopping Memorial Day is a real bargain and Veterans Day is a rip off.