Mother's Day could be Like Election Day--On A Tuesday

Yesterday, I got my mom flowers for Mother’s Day. That’s right I got them for her yesterday a good two days after the actual day. Some might suspect that I got them for her two days late because I was hoping flowers would go on sale similar to Halloween and Easter candy. The day after those holidays candy prices hit rock bottom. A flower sale is of course ludicrious. Flowers don’t go on sale at all. It turns out that flowers unlike candy die and so there are no left over flowers to buy. If you inquire into the prices of dead flowers the florist just gives you a look as to suggest you are strange. You'd think that they could at least put the gift cards on sale at least the gift cards that read, “Happy Mother’s Day.” Don't bother asking the florists that either. They will just respond, "The gift cards are complimentary with your flower arrangement purchase." You'd think they could give you money back on the "Happy Mother's Day" gift cards. It’s quite a racket those florists have.

Good thing that’s not the reason I waited. I waited so that my mom’s Mother’s Day flowers would out last all her friends’ Mother’s Day flowers, and then she could brag about how awesome her daughter is at buying flowers as her flowers would last a full two days longer than everyone else's flowers on her block. That’s how considerate, thoughtful and loving I am. I’m an awesome daughter because I go the extra mile for my mom.