At least I can admit it

I hate when people excuse their bad behaviour with the fact that they are aware that they have a bad personality trait. For example I'm a self involved asshole. I know I'm a self involved asshole, but my knowing that about myself doesn't make my self involvedness OK. I argue that it makes it worse. I know that I suck and why I suck, and yet I don't change. Meanwhile, a non-self aware self involved asshole can't change because they don't know anything is wrong. What's even worse is that the rest of the population seems to accept this. You disarm their criticism by merely admitting what a douche you are.

To me it's like if Ted Bundy said, "Yes, I'm a serial killer. But at least I can admit it. Jeffrey Domar is walking around in denial, see I'm not as bad as Domar." And then the jury finds him not guilty by reason of self-awareness. How about this, stop killing people, Ted!


Maurice said…
Who is Jeffrey Domar?
rach said…
Not only is Ted Bundy a serial killer he is a shitty speller, which he never could admit.

I believe Ted was referring to Jeff Dahmer.

Thanks for your question, Maurice.