Jack's Present

My dearest Jack surprised me with tickets to see Gabriel Byrne in Eugene O'Neil's play "A Touch of the Poet." So sweet. For those of you who've never seen my act you might not know that Gabe and I actually had a thing for awhile. ---It's a long story, but basically it never really worked out between the two of us. You'll have to hear the song and see the pictures to fully understand. You'd think that with what we went through he could throw me a couple of comps. But that's Byrne for you, out of sight out of mind.---The fact that Gabe and I have history makes Jack's gift that much sweeter. I know that I could never buy tickets for Jack and me to attend a lecture on proper food distribution techniques to blind orphans in cinderblock devastated nations if the lecture was given by one of his old flames. Did you know that poorer nations that can't afford conventional ammunition resort to hurling cinderblocks at each other. You'd think that these nations would just abstain from war at least until they've saved up enough money for bullets or a cannon. Not to write that the cinder blocks don't destroy these countries. The damage suffered...words can't even describe. Have you seen people dying of thirst because their creek has been completely displaced by blocks of cement?

But the suffering of remote peoples is not the point of this post. The point is I'm a jealous person and Jack is not. Jack even went so far as to say that if Gabe and I wanted to have one last fling after the show I should go for it. I told Jack I'm committed to Jack and my relationship. Jack said, "Well, I guess, I could join you if you really find yourself wanting him." Oh my God!!! How unbelievably giving. Jack isn't even bi-sexual. Not one bit. I told him, "Babe that is super generous of you, but I could never do that to you." The truth is I could never do that to me. Like I wrote, I'm jealous. I know I'd see one of them give the other a look. Or think I wasn't getting the same attention as Gabe or Jack. My mind would betray me and I'd flip out, "Fine! You two are so in love why don't you just be alone together. Move to Hawaii and get married. Have fun. Hope you don't get sunburned you bastards!" I'd storm out and slam the door. BAM! I think instead I'll avoid the threesome, enjoy some theatre, and keep my relationship intact.