Poetry in Music

Frequently, bloggers will post the lyric to a song written by a popular muscian in order to express the blogger's mood that day. I kind of feel like this is cheating. As a writer it's the writer's responsibilty to create his or her own lyric or poetry to express his or her feelings and mindset. However, today I feel like Erykah Badu's words from her album, "Erykah Badu Live" track 3 entitled "Reprise" says what I've been feeling deep inside me for sometime. She says it so perfectly, How could I ever think that I have the skill to express this sentiment any better. For this blog post, I'd like to be a hypocrite and post these moving and thoughtful words. I hope you get as much inspiration from them as I have these past few years.

Ya'all know what a cipher is? There’s all kind of ciphers. Right. But a cipher can be represented by a circle. Which consists of how many degrees? What? 360 degrees. A circle. And my cipher keeps moving like a rolling stone. So when in my song when I say that my cipher represents myself, or the atoms in my body. And the rolling stone represents the Earth. The atoms in the body rotate at the same rate on the same axis as the Earth rotates. Giving us a direct connection with the place we call Earth. There for we can call ourselves earth. OK?

On my hand I wear an unch. This is an Unch. An Unch is an ancient chemetic symbol. The word chemet is the original name for Egypt. This symbol can be found on the walls of the Hieroglyphics in Chemet. And this symbol represents life. Alright? This portion represents the womb. Sisters put your hands on your wombs. This portion represents the male principle of the birth canal. Brothers put your hands your male principle. (chuckle). And this portion represents the fallopian tubes. 120. 120. 120. 360 degrees of life: completion. You and me--life. And in all that I do I try to represent life. Give birth to different things: melody, music, prayers, babies.

Ahmen, Sister! Perfect.


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Too funny
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In the middle of a baddu moment - Nice audiovisual experience -