A couple divided

Jack is still disappointed that I chose to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and their friends in Florida this year instead of going with him to Pittsburg to participate in their family traditions. He got all pissy last night and said, "I'm going to celebrate Christmas with your family this year at the very least you could have come home with me for Thanksgiving."
"But you guys don't celebrate Christmas." I protested. And they don't. As I posted previously Jack's dad is a freelance Indian Chief so Jack's family celebrates the holidays of the tribe Mr. Kundera is chiefing that year and it's never Christmas.

I told him I'll go next year. He said, "Well, we may not burn the Pilgrim effigy next year." I said, "You guys burn the effigy every year." "Well, maybe we won't next year." "Yes, you will." He hung his head and muttered, "Yeah, I know. You still could have come this year." I kissed him on the cheek.

The thing with Jack's family is that they are white themselves so they don't burn actual white people they just burn the effigies as a symbol of solidarity with all the creatures and peoples who used to inhabit this land. I don't know. To each his own. Who am I to judge? My family's Thanksgiving tradition is to argue about the fastest way to get to my aunt and uncle's house from any given point in the universe. Maybe burning pilgrims could be fun with some wine and apple pie ala mode.