Bear Hunt

They want to hunt black bear in NJ this year. Apparently, there are almost 1000 black bear living in NJ which is just slightly less than the 8,414,350 people living in the same state. (US Census 2000). Those pesky bears living in the remaining five acres of woods. How dare they!
Let me put it this way Bears have killed 3 people on the entire Eastern Seaboard where as cops have killed 81 people in the city of San Diego (some random website). Even if that statistic is not accurate you know that cops especially in NJ kill more than three people a year. And in 2003 there were approximately 22,000 cops in NJ that's just the employed ones that's not including the NY cops living in the garden state ( So I'm thinking instead of hunting bear we should hunt cops. They kill more people, bother more drivers, use more resources, beat more wome. There has never been a report of a black bear beating it's wife. Nor has there been a case of his black bear friends covering up the fact that he beat his wife. Granted you can't eat a cop after you kill one. Well, you could but then you increase your odds of getting mad human disease. Further, I think hunting cops would present hunters with a greater challenge. Bears don't shoot back, but we all know cops do.