Light Bulb Over My Head

Long underwear doesn't work. It works at first. When you first leave the house you are indeed warmer than you would have been sans the long underwear. But then you go inside. And as we are warm blooded animals our bodies adjust our temperature so we don't overheat. So now we're inside with long underwear on feeling completely comfortable. Eventually we have to go back outside to get back home or to the next exciting experience and now the long underwear doesn't work. Our legs are shivering. Yeah, I've tried not shaving my legs but the same principle applies. (So now I don't shave them for different reasons.)

I have a solution--Pant Coats. They'd be like wool chaps. You put them on OVER your pants right before you go outside. Then when you reach your indoor desitination you take off your top coat and then you whip off your pant coats! Your body adjusts to the indoor tempature, but who cares you only have one layer of pants on. You're going to put the second layer on right before you head back out into the freezing bleekness. Ha Ha! Take that winter.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the wonderful reminder of why I moved to Florida