Let's Stay together. Sort of

My best friend Anna hates when people break up with her because the sex well dries up. She then has to go back out into the world and find a boy that won't stab her in her sleep. Or won't be harshly critical. This one time Anna took home an uncircumcised gentleman caller. At one point in their semi-naked evening he shouted, "You're doing it wrong!" She responded, "Looks like our time here is up." So she hates when non-homicidal non-critical men leave. Sure she is just as aware as the boy of how it's not working out. She asks, "But can't we still have sex? Yeah, I know it's awkward, how can it not be you've got fifteen years on me, so let's not talk. I don't need dinner. Hell, I don't even need dessert. Let's never speak again and continue to have sex. Come on, be a pal. "