Behold this

Oh my god, my hair is so big right now. Ah screw it. I'm a comic it doesn't matter. If I were beautiful I'd be a secretary.


simonmaxhill said…
Big is beautiful, baby! Get yourself a little tiger print, put the hair up with the aqua net and...well..probably I'll try to have sex with you. I might call you "Fran", though.
Waasn't the guy-interest on "The Nanny" a Gabriel Byrne type of guy? Waasn't Fran Drescher hot?
I gotta go visit her internet fan site.
Allison said…
You know how nobody's ever happy with their own hair? I think yours is cool.
Gabe said…
Charles Shaughnessy was the "Gabriel Byrne type of guy" you speak of. I am much better then him, aren't I sweetheart.

ps:I love your miles of curls, the 2nd thing I miss most about you (you know the 1st).