Yesterday I got a little huffy about my stormy past with Gabe. Apparently, he reads my blog and he called me last night to talk things out. He apologized for any insensitivity he may have shown in the past and was hoping that we could begin to heal the wounds we've both suffered. He's hoping we can begin with professional civility which could blossom into an acquantanceship which could mature into buddydom which could maybe one day expand into friendship. I told him, the future is unknown and life is long which means anythings possible. I continued, "Hey, maybe one day we might even work together." He said, "I'd like that very much."

And right before we hung up he said, "Your Jack is very lovely, "
"Yes, I know."
"You're right, though, the future is unknown and life is long as the Dire Straits sang, 'It's just that the time was wrong.'"