Men Say the Darndest Things

Yesterday, a gentleman caller of sorts, who goes by the name Stripper, stopped by my apartment. He used to live in the apartment above mine with his drug dealing girlfriend. Maybe she wasn't his girlfriend, but as they say on friendster they had a "domestic partnership" for awhile. They're relationship kind of reminded me of my grandparents' as it was full of yelling and screaming. But unlike my grandparents they didn't stay together until death do them part.

Anyway, they don't live in my building anymore. I guess Stripper was in the neighborhood because he stopped by my place. He rang my apartment bell. "Shit!" I thought. I knew it was him because he's the only one who stops by without being buzzed in. I couldn't not open the door. My music was playing, he could see the light from the my room under the door. That's the stuff they don't teach you in school how to blow off the crackhead without pissing him off. So I spoke to him for several minutes in the doorway. He was looking for roommate good's girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend, Michelle. Not only did she give drunken psychic readings at 4am when visiting Roommate Good from Colorado she also liked to befriend the neighborhood crack heads. I explained to Stripper that Michelle was in Colorado. He then gave me a magazine (yeah, I don't know either), and asked if I was OK? "Yes, I'm fine thanks."
"Really, you don't look so good."

And that's when it hit me. When a dude who is missing half his teeth says you don't look so good, you probably don't look so good.