The News Lies to Us

880 am CBS news radio reported that kissing another person for a half hour a day reduces the suffering of an allergy victim. I'm here to tell you this is complete rubbish. I make out with Jack all the time. For more than a half hour a day. It's why I'm so unproductive. And still my allergies continue to wreak havoc on my body. Granted during our sexual explorations I do feel better. But after we've finished I immediately feel awful again.

I also find it hard to believe that mother nature hates single people. It makes no sense for trees to torment the sexless. These people are not having children and therefore pose less danger to the environmet which means less threat to the survival of pollen producing trees and flowers. It's basic Darwinism. But your not going to get basic evolutionary theory on the news. Just sensational science reports from Japan.

Also I need to post a correction. I quoted my aunt as having said, "The truth will not set you free." She did in fact say that. However, I forgot the rest of the quote which was " will only make you unpopular." The whole quote should read, "The truth will not set you free it will only make you unpopular." This statement is so true. So true in fact that my mere posting it has already made my popularity in the polls drop. Speaking the truth as made me nothing but unpopular. If only had remembered that second part of my aunt's adage who knows I might have friends besides Anna and Jack. Though, Hitler is very unpopular and he didn't tell the truth. Maybe it's not my truth. It could be my acts of genocide. I don't know.