Anna Don't Take that Shit

My best friend Anna called me yesterday from union square. "Hi Rachael. I'm just killing time. I'm early meeting my date."
"He's not there yet?" I asked.
"No. I'm early I said." Anna replied
" If he can't get to a date early he's just not that into you. What is this your first date and he's already playing games. Red herring, Anna, watch out. If he were really into you he'd at your meeting spot already waiting with passionate anticipation for your arrival. Obviously he has his head to far up his own ass to consider your feelings and your schedule. Did it ever occur to him you might be early and he shouldn't leave you waiting in Union Square. No, he didn't. He's too busy playing cool and being aloof. You could be spending this time writing songs and getting ahead in your career. Instead you waiting for some man who can't even be early for a date. You are worth more than this, Anna. Have some self respect and go home."
"Rachael, aren't I supposed to be the crazy one in our friendship?"
"Well, you will be if you wait around for some guy to be on time."

Friday night I patronized a local watering hole and struck up a conversation with a young man. After four hours of conversation he said, "You're really easy to get along with." I said, "Today."


Sir Cranky said…
You did that young man a favor.
ill masta ck said…
Serious? Maybe he just doesn't want to seem desperate, since, as we all know, women hate that... and it gets us men no where. Crazy, I know, but I mean, if he doesn't want to have a second date or doesn't converse during the date, then he's not that into her. But suggesting that this guy not showing up early is a sign of him playing games, isn't that just another game itself? Just my two cents.
I'm sure everything was fine once the guy wiped off the blood or crawled out from under the car that just hit him or the myriad of other things that could have caused him to be late... cut the guy some slack! If it becomes a pattern, THEN call him a worthless piece of slime.
jimenagrace said…
i've been reading the blog. i have one question:
are you making anna up?
cris133 said…
I've been reading you ad and I can't help but remember my own disastrous date. I think it was so disastrous that I really don't want to talk about it.
rachael said…
Sir Cranky, do you know my best friend Anna, and that's why you think her leaving before their appointed time was a favor?

Ill Masta Ck, do you really think I was serious that a man should read the mind of girl he doesn't know and arrive early to a date? However, I appreciate your thoughtful comment about men and their emotional needs.

Man on the Street, you need to take a reading comprehension class. I never wrote that the dude was late. I wrote that he was not early. However, I appreciate you taking the time to write a snarky comment.

Criss133, Perhaps you meant to leave the "disastorous date" comment on a different post, like the one where Anna gets set-up by her uncle.

Jimengrace, your question is not easily answered. Let us say there is a flesh and blood Anna who is my best friend but she hasn't said and done everything that I've written is she then "made-up?" What if I know no one named Anna but her actions and words are based on those of my friend Raquel. Raquel is not made up but her name is Raquel not Anna. Because of the name discrepency is Anna made-up? I'll answer your question this way. Decartes said, "i think therefore I am." Well, Anna thinks therefore she is.