Eerie: Not the Canal or the Lake (rewritten)

The strangest thing happened to me today. I woke-up, peered down at my phone, and observed I had missed a phone call. I dialed the number by highlighting the caller's name in my phone and selecting "send." The call connected. Then the bizarrest thing occurred. I heard this curt repeated tone. It definitely wasn't ringing. Hmm? Was it some strange Morris Code voicemail greeting? After listening to it for six minutes without hearing a long tone indicating I should leave a message nor did the tones themselves vary in duration I realized it wasn't Morris Code. Though, how clever would that have been?

There was something familiar in the rhythym pulsating in my ear. Maybe it was from my childhood. But it wasn't the sound of a school bell. What was it? Could it be? The thought that presented itself seemed completely outrageous. Was it? Was it a busy signal? Had I awoken in 1989? Had I fallen through a wormhole while sleeping? Or was I still dreaming? Turns out it was a busy tone and I was still living in 2006. Very strange. Very strange indeed.