List of Non-Logical Actions Brought on by an Office

1. Though, the predicted temperature for today is above 80 degress Farhenheight I dressed in long pants and a sweater.

2. Despite needing at least two more hours of sleep when I awoke at 7:40am this morning, I still got out of bed and left my apartment.

3. This office has internet access yet restricts access to hotmail, gmail, yahoomail, etc. Huh? What's the point of the internet? Besides porn.

4. Every employee here has voicemail and caller ID, yet they insist I answer other people's phones anyway.

5. Instead of working on the new, weekly, variety show, "I Love Jack," I'm producing this fall (that will take place every Sunday 8pm at Shanghai's Den in Williamsburg) I have to enter business cards into some guy's microsoft outlook contacts folder.

6. Instead of editing and rehearsing a piece I'm to read tonight at Mo Pitkins I continue entering business cards into some dude's contacts folder.

7. Instead of picking up my replacement phone at a Fedex depot in Brooklyn, because Fedex didn't seem to be able to handle delivering it to my apartment on Tuesday, I'm scanning investment magazines for some unexplained reason.

8. They haven't fired me. I started Monday and it's Thursday.


you can get gmail - i'm temping at a retarded large corp too - there's a back door. try bless those hackers over there. :)

check out my blog too! i just started yesterday.
if you don't mind me asking - how did you get gawker to notice your blog?
Will McKinley said…
Hey Ren. I think Rachael blew one of the editors of Gawker.

Are you cute? If you are, I'm one of the editors of Gawker.
rachael said…
aparently, Will also blew one of the editors at gawker because gawker linked his blog today too.

Trust me after i give a blow job no one wants to do me favors.
Literanista said…
I just emailed your list to all friends, for a good (ain't it true) laugh!


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Will McKinley said…
I will blow anybody for a good link.

And don't believe Rachael when she implies that she's not good in the sack.