Kill the Wabbit

"The rabbit died" is an old school term meaning a woman is pregnant. It's very old school like one a room schoolhouse with an outhouse as a bathroom. The term comes from an old practice humans used to engage in. See, back in the day before EPT if a young lady missed her period she'd pee in a jar and then poor the contents on her rabbit. In the olden days everyone had rabbits even poor people. If the rabbit died that meant the woman was preggers. OK, I don't know if there was urinating in a jar or what, but I know some kind of fluid from the lady was placed on or near the rabbit and if the rabbit died the chick had "one in the oven."

Here's my question. Where were the "right-to-lifers?" They just stood by as rabbit after rabbit was killed. Seems like bullshit to me. Kill all the rabbits you want but don't touch those fetuses. It's kind of backwards if you ask me. I mean, bunnies are adorable. Fetuses, not so much. And you can't pet a fetus. Well, you could but your hand gets all full of goo. Fetuses are all slimey and disgusting. Rabbits, on the other hand, are fuzzy, soft, funny, and smart. Let's put it this way have you ever seen a fetus out smart a talking duck or red neck southern with humougous hat? Have you ever seen or heard a fetus perform a Wagner opera? Nope. But that's right kill the bunnies long live the fetuses. Stupid right-to-lifers.