Why Gentrification Sucks

About ten years ago there was a riot in the neighborhood where I now reside. Back then the block I lived on was still considered Crown Heights. The realitors have since dubbed my block and the surrounding blocks Prospect Heights. Since the renaming, coffee shops and organic markets have been cropping up all over the place.

Tonight, I missparked my car scratching my front bumber against the rear bumber of a parked car. Unfortunately, for me there were two people in the parked during the mishap at 2am this morning. If this were the good old days before gentrification two people would not be hanging out in their car talking at 2 in the morning and I could have driven away undedetected. Though, back then there might have been two people in a car "talking" which would also have been fine because then one of the occupants would have shot me. I'd now be dead instead of having to deal with my insurance company.

God damn you Guillani and Mike Bloomberg!!!


Nicole said…
Right after checking you out, I poked around The Onion and saw this...what's up with all the gentrification talk?!