Higher Education

I was 17 years old sitting in my grandparent's backyard. Somehow the topic of my going to college came up. My grandfather told me that I shouldn't bother with college. If I were smart I'd go to secretary school. I tried to explain that studying theatre produced the same result as secretarial school, but college had the added bonuses of living away from home and meeting a panoply of gay men. My grandmother was on the side of college rather than secretarial school. She said, "No, Rachael should go to college. This way she'll have something to talk about. Look at us we sit here what do we have to talk about?" You hit the nail on the head, I gots to have something to talk about. I went to college to become a better conversationalists. I can now carry-on conversations with pretentious assholes on myriad of subjects--liberal arts subjects.


Anonymous said…
Sure, but can you type 40wpm?
ced175 said…
I feel awfully sad for parents who deprive their children from learning more. I mean getting to college is a matter of choice indeed. But our goal us parents is that we must guide are children in the best way we could and in the best way where they should.