McCarthy Missed a Whole Group of Commies

I declare that the New Hampshire state police are anti-capitalist! In fact, it is not just the coppers from New Hampshire but all troopers throughout The Union. State-troopers are more than anti-capitalist they are also red-commie fascists. (Sure, historically, communists and fascists hate each other but it’s 2006. Everything is postmodern these days, even antiquated political philosophies.) These armed hall-monitors impose fines on the good citizens of this land for traffic law violations, thereby taking money out of the American economy. Should all of the U.S. suffer because some person, with a decent soul, chose to travel at a speed of 86 miles per hour in 65 mile per hour on a section of interstate 95? This isn't Bolshevik Russia. We don't share our resources here. We are rugged individuals who need jobs so we can buy toilet paper without standing on line for hours. How can we buy anything if cops take our money as punishment? See, this is how capitalism works. (And capitalism is God's plan). Money is created. Then people take that money and buy stuff. But you can only get money if you have a job (or if your parents die and leave you their house and you sell it). You can only get a job if people buy things for you to manufacture, sell, manage, or fix. People can only buy things if their money isn’t robbed from them at gun point by men in silly, wide-brimmed hats. If a person is fined $350 for traveling 21 miles an hour over the speed limit then she doesn't have $350 to spend on movies, vodka, books, highballs, groceries, red wine in a box, notebooks, Astro Glide, hard cider, batteries, thunderbird, or passes to Acadia National Park, etc. When cops strip our capitalist hero of her money they strip her of her power. That money churns the butter that is Capitalism. Without the money the businesses she frequents will close. These businesses, no longer in business, will lack the funds to order supplies from distributors. Distributors will go out of business, laying off workers who then will have no money to purchase products, and the next thing you know...BAM! The U.S. is toppled. Way to go New Hampshire's finest. I guess that's why people call cops "finest" because they fine citizens the most.

And let’s face it. This fining system doesn't deter people from breaking traffic laws. So is it really worth destroying America-destroying freedom- just to harass people who drive "outside the box?" If you want to curtail disobedience make people temp in an office for a month, but fully paid, or do what restaurants do when a patron screws up. Make them wash dishes.