I Deserve a Proper Break-Up

Last week I called my mother. She did not pick up the phone. I left a message requesting advice on what to buy my orphaned cousin for her 8th birthday. My cousin's birthday came and went and my mother never returned my call. I wound up buying my cousin a 1/2 pound of milk chocolate. Kids love chocolate, and it's not like she's got parents to get mad at me for buying the kid candy. And as I always say if you can't have parents you might as well have chocolate.

But here's the thing? Why didn't my mother call me back? I think my mom is passive aggressively trying to break-up with me. Why else would she not return my call? I think she wants to start seeing other people's children. Which is fine. We've been growing apart of years now. We don't even live together anymore. And if she agrees that she doesn't think it's working and wants to end it after 29 years, I guess I can't stop her. But you'd think she'd have the decency call me back and break it off with me. After 29 years I think I deserve more than a phone call. I deserve a face to face break-up. Doesn't the many many vacations we traveled together mean anything to her? She's been to all my graduations and even my batzmitzvah. For Heaven's sake she gave birth to me. You don't just give birth to someone if it's not serious. I deserve answers. An explanation of why she "Just can't do this anymore." If it's because I refuse to have grandkids, fine so be it. The passing on of genetic material is important to her. And it's not so important to me. We have different priorities. Apparently, my mother (or is it my former mother how can I know if she won't call me) thinks grandchildren are so important she can't call me back.

A friend suggested that maybe she didn't get the voice mail message. "She is, after all in Florida, right now." Yeah, fine maybe she didn't get the voice mail, but she hasn't called me just to talk. We have a relationship where we call each other pretty regularly. Not every day, but at least once a week. I guess she's calling her new children now.

I bet you she's seeing her brother's three daughters. Yeah, my own cousins. The betrayal. They all have had mutliple babies the past three years. I wonder if my aunt and uncle know my mom is trying to steal their children and grandchildren from them.

OH GOD. Why won't my mother return my phone call? I can't believe it's over. I guess it's time to register with some online parent finder site.


Jaime said…
My mom broke up with me years ago. It was rough. She went straight for my cousins, too.