What do I Have?

For a couple of weeks I've been exhausted. I wake up tired and remain that way until I go to bed. Whether I ride my bike, teach an exercise class, do comedy, or just sit on my ass I'm tired. Today I go to the doctor to get an answer.

At first I thought I had mono. But the only person I make-out with is Jack so...Unless? Can you get mono from a toilet seat? Is mono more fierce than those paper tissue toilet seat covers?

Then I thought I'd developed anemia. I felt lighter. And well, iron does way more than pasta.

My fiance, James, told me about how he had lime disease. I did go hiking October 9th and I saw deer! At the time I tried to take a picture of the deer. I thought them so precious. Who knew they would kill me?

Someone suggested I had Lou Gerig disease. But that can't be. I don't play baseball.

Hopefully, my doctor has more to offer than a computer with WebMD access.


J.L. said…
Could be EEE or bird flu.

Or Jack could have knocked you up!