James Lipton I'm Ready for My Interview

People always ask me, "Rachael, what's your creative process? How do you come up with these briliant blogposts day in and day out." Well, it's not easy. It's a long and involved process. I'll share it with you now to help those youngster who are just starting out in the arts and need some guidance.

Step one, I come home after being out all night doing comedy. Sometimes I'm drunk other times I'm sober. But the main thing is that I'm exhausted. Exhaustion breeds funny. Or at least it breeds the belief that you are funny. That's why I'm glad that lately, I'm almost always exhausted. I think it has to do with a lack of calorie intake that stems from a mismanagement of my meager funds. I know one thing is certain when I was 7 years old, well fed, well rested, well exercised, I never wrote one blogpost.

Step two, I turn on my computer. I then check my email. I check my sitemeter (that let's me know how many people read my blog that day) I then read seven different Cancer Horoscopes for the next day.

Step three, I log into blogger.

Step four, I play vegas style solitaire. I win or loose hundreds upon hundreds of virtual dollars. And with each click of "deal" I tell myself, "No, really Rachael this has to be the last game." I proceed to play three more games.

Step five, I check my email and my sitemeter again.

Step six, I log into myspace and see who else is online. (Side note: I hate myspace. Socially, it's just like a high school except online and with adults. Which makes it just sad. That stated, it's an important part of my creative process.)

Step seven, I begin to write comedic genius. During this step I also repeat steps 2,

4, and 6. Sometimes in mid-sentence.

Step eight, I click "publish." I make sure that I never proof read my work before I publish. If my blog is coherent it looses that special, Rachael Parenta signature.

Step nine, I check my sitemeter again to see if anyone has just read the thing I just posted.

Step ten, I play more vegas solitaire.

So there you have it. My creative process. It's alot of work and it takes a great deal of time, but you know genius is 97% sweat 3% talent.