This is 100% True!

Now, it's one thing for dead people to put out new albums-- Tu Pac, Nat King Cole, what have you. It is plausable that these dead men recorded songs prior to their death and money grubbing label tried to make an album out of it. It is entirely different when a dead person adds new friendsters to their account. It's very creepy when you log into friendster and are alerted to the fact that your dead friendster has just added new friends. Does the world wide web now reach the after world? And what does that say about the afterlife? It seems if dead people are still logging onto to friendster the afterlife is just as mundane and miserable as this life. And if friendster is accessable in the nether world shouldn't that be an option on your profile under "where do you live?" But I think a bigger question is who is friend requesting dead people? What's the point? The dead people won't be attending your gallery opening or birthday party.

I started thinking maybe she's not dead at all. Maybe she's part of the witness relocation program. Her whole, dramatic, highly publicized, untimely death was just a rouse to throw off the mob or corrupt, high-ranking, government officials. And after two years of hiding the lure of friendster was too strong.

Whatever the reason is I'm glad I didn't delete her from my friendster network. She might have thought I was pissed at her. You don't want to be on a dead person's bad side.


Rob said…
Yeesh. Anyone I know?