You Can Teach an Aging Dog New Tricks (But Don't Call Me a Dog)

My grey hairs have not grown in vain. As I've grown older I have indeed grown wiser. This weekend I locked myself out of my apartment. ( that's the wise part. That's the "you still have alot to learn, kid" part.) I will admit that this is not the first time I've walked out of my apartment without my keys and shut a self-locking door behind me. However, last time I locked myself out I wound up in the hospital. In an attempt to break into my own apartment I climbed out the 3rd storie hallway window of my apartment building and grabbed onto the windowsill of my slightly opened bathroom window. I dangled 25 feet in the air and struggled to pull myself from my bathroom. I failed. I fell. I broke my ankle, had surgey and then had to walk with crutches for 5 months.

Friday night I decided not to scale a building. And you know what? I didn't break any bones. See, I'm learning. I think there might be hope for me.