Single Another Word for Reject

I feel for my best friend Anna. She's single. And dating seems to be just a barrage of rejection. Rejection you don't even ask for.

Anna had met a young man a couple of weeks ago. They corresponded via email multiple times a day for a week. He then called. He said he had an extra ticket to see a motor-cross event and would she like to go with him. Anna thought perhaps this invite also doubled as a date. She wasn't in love with this man but he seemed nice enough, fit, funny, intelligent, and who doesn't love motor cross? So she accepted. After the motor cross they went for a drink with the would be suitor's friend who competed in the event. When the drinks were fully imbibed and convesation about the philosophies of motor cross exhausted all three of them went their separate ways. No kisses, no sex, just a hug good-bye and subway ride home.

Anna didn't know if she had just been on a date. Nothing sexual happened and when she thought about the invite she realized motor cross is kind of a nebulous event regarding a date. It's not like he asked her to go apple picking. So Anna sent the young man an email thanking him for the motor cross experience. He emailed back and wrote, "Sure thing. If I get any more opportunities to go see motor cross I'll let you know. You're my new motor-cross buddy." Her buddy. Well, I guess that answers that question.

They continue to email. It's not every day you make a motor cross buddy.


Anonymous said…
To quote Laura Kightlinger: "I guess I just feel bad that I'm still going on bad dates when I should really be in a bad marriage by now."