An Attempt at Being an Edgy Open Mic Comedian

Monday Night I worked on my craft by attending an open mic. I sat and watched a young man, a fledgling comedian attempt to tell jokes. He said one that went something like this, "They should have another holocoust again and this time they should kill jews..." something something. I don't remember the rest. Honestly, that might have been the whole thing. I sat there and I thought I'm going to rewrite that little gem and make it a more precious stone. So here we go.

I think we should have a holocoust again but let's move it from Europe to Africa. And we'll replace the one group of white people annillating another group of white people with one group of black people annillating another group of black people. However, we'll keep the part where the world stands-by and does nothing. You kind of have to otherwise it's hard to have holocoust. And we can call it the Holocoust II: Genociding All Over Again.

Oh wait they already thought of that in Darfur. Shit! I knew I should have copyrighted the idea. Alright I guess I have to work on an idea for Holocoust III: Over Population Not a Problem Anymore, Suckers.