Jackie Wilson Holiday Season Role Model

In the above video Jackie Wilson sings his classic "Lonley Teardrops." We can see a man exceedingly happy to be depressed. Despite drenching his pillow in salene Jackie smiles, dances, and keeps the beat. I find it inspirational. God bless America in the late 50s. They really were the greatest generation. I have no idea what our forefathers were on, but we should dig it up and start taking it. I've never seen a person on prozac with moves like that.

Here's my advice to you all. If you're feeling blue this holiday season; if you feel alone and unloved--perhaps you're family has abandoned you this Christmas in order to attend some Jew wedding in Florida. Maybe you're eye-patch wearing grandfather has yet again ruined another family function, except this time with his health. Or, maybe your dad's cousin never called you back after you inquired about his Giants' tickets for this Sunday's Christmas Eve game. A game you thought about attending to distract yourself from the fact that Christmas has been cancelled this year, meaning no artichokes, no feast of the seven fishes, no butter cookies, no almost making your 8 year old cousin cry, no sparkling wine and peach schnapps (dont' knock it until you try it).-- So if your christmas has completely gone to shit this year try to get sympathy on the internet. Make sure you think only of yourself and what you're missing out on. Keep it all about you, and most importantly do what Jackie Wilson does-- DANCE!!!! Dance your sorrows away. You might be burning and crying but you'll still have a smile on your face. And that's what baby Jesus would have wanted for his birthday.
Also I'm doing a reading in Queens this Friday. It's at The Vault 90-21 Springfield Blvd, Queens Village, NY 8pm.
The topic for the evening is inappropriate. I know, it's crazy that I got booked for this show.


Christina said…
You brought the futha muckin house down. Thanks for a great show!