I Will Protect US

It's time to begin the war on Christmas everybody. Turns out that Christmas lovers and Bill O'Reilly both love Middle Eastern terrorists. It occurred to me this evening as I rode my bike through deserted Metro Tech in Brooklyn. It was after midnight and in the middle of the Metro Tech I saw a Christmas tree ablaze with white little lights. And all the non-Christmas trees were also adorned with these little lights. These lights use electricity. Electricity is made by burning oil. Oil comes from the Middle East. Middle Eastern countries fund terrorists groups, therefore Christmas supports terrorism. We must outlaw Christmas at once before we are all blown to smithereens. Down with terrorism down with Christmas.

Qwanza and Hanukka are OK they merely burn wax which only ommitts carbon and other toxins into the air. Hey, A Cancer riddled terrorist is an ineffective terrorist.

Happy Holidays.