Food Has More to Offer Than Calories

The major problem with self help books for women regarding love is the authors' presupposition that their readers have low self-esteem or hate themselves. These writers reason that self-loathing is the only motivation for why women date men that appear to be no good for women. This is why self-help books try to tell us how wonderful and awesome we are. I suggest that self esteem has nothing to do with the choices we make for dating; rather it's a matter of taste. Take the chipwich, or actually don't take the chipwich I want to eat it--so get your own. And yes, I do want the sugar intensive, saturated fat loaded ice cream cookie sandwich even though it's not good for me. Why? Because it's delicious. I love it. Eating them makes me happy. However, my reason has nothing to do with thinking I don't deserve a banana or some broccoli. I do think I'm worthy of fruit and vegetables, but I rather pay $2 for a chipwich in its non-recyclable plastic wrapper than pay $0.25 for a banana (These are NYC bodega prices.) Despite the fact that I'm lactose intolerant and the chipwich is going to give me gas. I still want my chipwich. When I purchase a chipwich for consumption I realize it's not just going to be happiness and joy, but there will be digestive discomfort and a possibility of a shortened life expectancy. But hey, no relationship is perfect. I will accept no imitations like the Toll House ice cream cookie sandwich. To the lay person it seems to be the same thing as the chipwich, but it's not. The Toll House product does not surround its ice cream with chocolate chips, the Toll House ice cream is inferior, and you can taste the chemicals they put in their cookies. You see, I don't just like the chipwich because it is bad for me. The Toll House cookie sandwich is just as bad for me but I won't eat it. My point: I've liked some guys who many other ladies considered "douche bags" or creepy. My affection for them has nothing to do with my opinion of myself I just have bad taste or perhaps Avante Gaurde taste. Maybe one day I'll really crave broccoli. It's possible. Years ago I loved fruit roll-ups now the idea of them nauseates me. But until the time comes where I prefer to spend time with fruit and vegetables I refuse to be condescended to by self-help books and pop psychology. Yes, I am worth anti-oxidants, calcium, and potassium but I'm not really interested in them right now.


Anonymous said…
this is brilliant. thank you for saying it.