I Correct People (A.k.A. "They" and "Them")

People say that imitiation is the purest form of flattery. I think people say that to get the imitator's goat. "No, no immitator my feelings aren't hurt by your caricature impression of me. I'm flattered you took the time to imitate me. I think it's lovely that I'm on your mind." The imitator smiles and says, "You're welcome." But on the inside the imitator says, "God Damn it! I wanted to crush you with my absurdist and cruel imitation of you. Foiled again."

Or people say, "Oh dear imitator that is awesome that you've taken my work and tried to pass it off as your own. You've given a rebirth to my career." The imitator again smiles, but on the inside "Ahh man! I'm going to have pay royalties aren't I."

I think the purest form of flattery is sincerely telling another person that they are beautiful, stunning, incredibley smart (though a bad speller), engaging, intentionally humogously hilarious, great company, and then you buy them things you can't afford. Going into hock for another person is definitely a pure form of flattery. Especially if you are not trying to buy their affection you just want them to be happy.


Big Spender said…
But things don't make people happy. It ALWAYS seems like you're trying to buy affection. You gotta find other ways to get the affection. THEN strangle it with things.