A Broken Heart Lined with Silver

My best friend Anna bust into my apartment today. "Rachael, you're right! You're so right. Those stupid He's Not That Into You books are stupid."

"Yeah, I know."
"Sure, you know. Intellectually. In theory you know. But I know for real. Alright, so Matt and Sue dropped out of the music project."
"That sucks, man. I'm sorry. I thought they approached you about collaborating on your music project."
"Yeah, they did. Who cares. That's not the point. The point is that guy I'm not dating is going to collaborate with me on the project."
"Oh that guy who had an extra ticket to the Opera. You thought it was a date but then in an email he called you his 'Opera buddy.'"
"Yeah Yeah Yeah. That guy. We email all the time. And here is the brilliant bit. He's going to work on this music project with me which never would have happened if I wasn't so consumed with heartache over some other boy or boys. I don't even know anymore. I just know I don't want to love every again. If I was truly open to the possibilty of dating someone new I probably would have actually liked this dude despite him disgustingly wreaking of cigarette smoke. Remind me, Rachael to bring Febreeze to our meetings. I would have been completely destraught that our Opera outing wasn't a date, instead I could have cared less. The heartache I refused to move-on from has allowed me to find a creative partner. I creative partner I would have eightysixed because 'he just wasn't that into me' and by that logic I shouldn't have wasted my time. Rather, though I shouldn't have wasted my time with Matt and Sue--lovely as they are."

"Well, Anna, I'm glad I'm right again."
"Rachael, I'm glad I could prove you were right."


jimenagrace said…
i thougth it was moto cross guy?
i want to belive anna i real, but she might be a little like that piece of wax descartes had.k
rachael said…
I believe that Anna's new artistic collaborator is the motor cross guy.

Well, perhaps Anna is like the decartes wax. Or maybe she is more like Herman Hesse's Wolf of the Steppes.