Bob Ross Incarnate

Hey Corporate America,

You can try to stop the temps of the world by unistalling freecell, solitaire, and minesweeper. You can block access to Myspace and Facebook. But you will not succeed. Our will is too strong; Our might is too great; and, our ablilities to not be productive too exceptional! If it's a choice between filing papers and creating computer art in Paintbrush, well I think the picture above answers that question.


The Cubicles.

In a related matter I think I'm going to become a visual artist and sell my works to companies looking to adorn their walls with unoffensive work. My first show will be called "Bored in a Box." Or maybe "Board in a Box" where I'd be playing on the homonym of board (the object that might make up a box) and bored (the state of being when sitting in a box. Perhaps, I'll also start a band called the cubicles.


Anonymous said…
You might have larger sales if you create inoffensive art that plays to the corporate mindset. For instance, a portrait of a beautiful woman smiling in her cube. Her in-box is empty and her out-box is full. A nearby clock shows that it is 8:30 and way in the background, across the cube farm, the moon and stars can be seen through a window. The title can be something like "Satisfaction", "Success", or "Happiness".
rachael said…
that's funny.