Christmas Cunundrum

Christmas is fast approaching and this year I'm filled with anxiety. I don't know how my parents and I are going to celebrate Christmas this year. You see, ever since I was a child my parents and I celebrated Christmas the same way each year. My mom (or Santa) would buy me a number of clothing items; my mom would then badger me to try them on; I would refuse continually until my will gave out and I acquiesced; I would hate most of it; and then my mom would get insulted (even when they were from Santa--my mom never takes my side.); mom would say, "Fine, you don't like'em. I'll just get my money back;" and, then we'd go eat the breakfast that dad prepared.

Sadly, this year we won't get to enjoy this ritual for Christmas because we did that all for Hanukkah. My mom wanted to return the clothes early before her credit card bill came in, this way the charges wouldn't show up at all on next month's statement. Which is fine. But, now how are we going to spend Christmas morning? I guess we're just going to eat breakfast. I think this year's Christmas is going to be a little empty.